First I must declare that I paint because I have to, not because I can.

I prefer to describe my work as a description of things that are not what they first appears to be. Just as many things are today. So I do not have any problems with inspiration. I have always been fascinated with the inhabitants of this planet and the traces they leave behind and how it can be interpreted. And the magic in everyday life which, sadly, most people are blind for.

Many who have seen my paintings tell me that they raise questions instead of giving answers. I think that is very good. I do think every painting is a question.

My teachers have been so many. From the old artist on a moped I met in the swedish countryside when I was a teenager ( I never knew his name) to Sofonisba Anguissola to the mannerist Johannes Vermeer and of course the baroque painter Diego Velazques, the surrealist de Chirico and Dorothea Tanning, the naivist Henri Rousseau, Tamara de Lempicka, the abstract (?) painter Mark Rothko and most of all Ad Reinhardt for his philosophy of art. He and I work in the same way but the result is so completly different. Art is art is art is……

Peter Åström

Contact me at contact@peterastrom.net

Le mojaheddin de suedoise